The Magic of the 80s features:

* Host Tom Furci, a very well known veteran AC programmer who has won numerous industry awards and nominations from Gavin, R&R and Billboard.

* Carefully selected music to fit Mainstream, Soft AC and Soft Oldies formats. Included are 80s AC core artists Phil Collins, Elton John, Whitney Houston and Chicago. As well as rested core Soft AC artists Air Supply, Christopher Cross, Dan Fogelberg, Olivia Newton-John and Lionel Richie. We also feature One Hit Wonder, Country and NAC Crossover, Spice and Lunar cuts from the likes of Benny Mardones, The Kane Gang, Jim Capaldi, Matthew Wilder, Michael Franks, Chris Rea, Basia, Ronnie Milsap, Juice Newton and Eddie Rabbit.

* Songs from the best available source material, constantly updated as material is re-mastered by the record labels. Almost every song in the library has been re-mastered in house to our demanding specifications. In a few cases we have also transferred material from vinyl LPs, and have even re-mastered material from Broadcast Gold Disc Audiophile and even recently released Re-mastered from Original Master Tapes collections that dont sound good as they should. Multi-band, real time analog and tube dynamic range expanders, single-ended noise reducers, phase correctors and parametric equalizers are all utilized as deemed necessary. Simply put, these songs never sounded so good.

* Listener requests, spotlights of the events from a certain year are tied into a song we are playing. In addition, we hear from a noted artist of the era. Most recently featured were Christopher Cross, Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet, Freddie Jackson, Benny Mardones, Laura Brannigan, Sergio Mendez, Rupert Holmes, Boz Scaggs and The Kane Gang. We like to go a little deeper and hear from artists who have songs listeners know and love but were never really in the spotlight. Yes, we have access to stuff from Phil Collins and Elton John and will feature them also, but when you think about it, whats really so special about artists who almost always are in the limelight?

* A weekly 2 hour program is available on a 100% barter basis to broadcast stations. Each hour contains 6 minutes of local avails and 6 minutes of networks spots. In addition, there is a :05 music bed when returning to segments two and three of each hour for a local station ID drop that will be cut by the host. Each hour ends with the last song fading all the way out to make a seamless transition to the top of the hour local break and when resuming the regular format. These elements really make a difference when localizing the program. Our goal is to sound like a radio show and not like the same old syndicated shows that have been following the same old cookie cutter formatics for the last 20+ years

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